Co-Founders Laura Rose and Hope...

...best friends, soul sisters, heart twins, and so much more. We have watched each other transform and can't wait to collaborate to facilitate your own transformations.



 Hope has a deep, long time passion for Vinyasa yoga, and also specializes in restorative and yin yoga, and loves sharing this gentle and deeply intimate practice. Her flows are slow, strong, and empowering and she loves to have a mixed class where she can offer multiple variations of poses and shapes for different bodies. She believes that yoga is truly a practice of finding space, in the body, in the breath, and in the mind. Her yoga is like her life, full of light, passion, and calm strength.



Laura Rose is a yoga, Pilates, and barre instructor with over 5000 hours of teaching experience. Affectionately known as "Body by Laura", her classes will give you something a little bit different - they are full of movement, creative & intelligent sequencing, and are designed to connect you to your breath and push you to your limits. An attorney in her previous life, Laura now spends her days much more happily teaching yoga, barre, and Pilates full-time, and watching the community at Vikriya Lab grow and transform. 

Images provided by Siobhan Hanna Photography.