Creating a space for transformation.

vikriya: transformation  |  lab: a space to experiment

Vikriya Lab creates a space for transformation and self-exploration through movement. We offer creatively, intelligently, and intuitively designed yoga, Pilates, and barre classes that provide a unique experience. Our classes have already received over 3000 5-star reviews and are designed for all levels. Join us and receive something a little different from the average studio - a space created for you.

Uncover our story, discover our offerings, and join a community that will transform your practice and life.

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What They're Saying

One of a kind. This is a special studio - I am so happy to have found Laura and Hope! The classes are well-planned, challenging (but fit for all levels), sooo creative and most important, full of heart. I have been looking for a studio that will challenge, nurture, and help grow my practice and I finally found it! You’ll feel at home here. You can be yourself here. It’s the real deal.
— Shannon R.
Exceptional classes that truly work for all levels and instructors who are supportive yet challenging. Can’t wait for the expanded studio and classes!
— Jenni H.
Hope & Laura are so knowledgeable about the body and so willing to answer questions! They know the most effective ways to work your body without injury.
— Michelle H.
Incredible teachers in an amazing space.
— Shannan H.
Simply stated, Hope & Laura are the gold standard for yoga. Thoughtfully sequenced movements and descriptive, unique cues to improve your form.
— Stacey R.
After months of planning to join Laura and Hope I finally did this week and I feel like I am home! After only two yoga classes my entire body has that feeling of acute awareness of muscles that were asleep until now. I can’t wait to try out all the other amazing classes they offer.
— Mariana Y.
Hope & Laura Rose instruct, encourage, challenge and coach their students. I feel so good physically and emotionally after I take their classes.
— Julie A.
Classes at Vikriya Lab help me to connect with my mat and find kindness and love for myself there. Every movement is an invitation to explore and find what works for me as an expression of myself and a way to engage with my body and the world. Thankful for every moment in this magical place!
— Carol B.

Tuesday Talks with Hope & Laura Rose